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About HexHoot

Internet is supposed to be free; free as in "libre" and not "gratis". There are plenty of implementations of social networks around. Most of them have central servers, run by their makers, that handle all aspects of it.

The issue with having a centralized server is that there is an organization that holds on to all the information created by its users. In many cases, the users who created the content no longer own the content once posted; the ownership is transferred to the company that runs the social network. Furthermore, these platforms can take down any users or content as they choose to, (as some Youtubers have described) like a god.

Even the best efforts to implement a social network in a peer-to-peer manner would have a centralized server to authenticate and verify the user. We would like to change that.

Our goal is to create a social network wherein the users own, control and host their information. There is no central server involved even for authentication; we accomplish this by using Zero Knowledge Proof strategies.